Cyprus Hospital is ready to store the results of the COVID-19 test in blockchain

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VeChain’s blockchain tracking platform announced on Twitter on June 20 that its blockchain-based medical data management platform was developed in conjunction with digital healthcare Cryptosoft solutions firm I-Dante and that it has been launched and will store COVID-19 test results. The platform, called E-NewHealthLife, was implemented at the Mediterranean Hospital in the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus citizens who go to the hospital’s COVID-19 laboratory for real-time diagnostic and antibody testing will have their medical and test records in the block chain. The records will be encrypted, hashed and loaded into the VeChainThor block chain. The results will also be available in the E-HCert application. The adoption of E-HCert, the company said, reduces the cost of data storage and sharing.

Cyprus Hospital to Implement Distributed Records Technology (DLT)-based Medical Data Management

The data belongs to the owner of the data
The E-HCert application displays immutable test results and allows users to have full control over their medical data and records. Once the test is performed, people can access their results through the application. It can also be used to test their health status. With E-HCert records, people in Cyprus can comply with local quarantine and health regulations to return to work, take a flight abroad and be cleared for other activities.

As reported by Cointelegraph earlier, Civic Technologies also recently launched a new crypto wallet to track COVID-19 vaccination records of medical employees.